About Us

We are a design focused studio offering a unique mix of products and services located in Black Mountain, NC. Our logo depicting Sacred Geometry signifies our creative team brainwork of left side linear offering old world architectural renderings, the latest version of  Auto CAD drafting, modular building concepts, custom metal/wood fabrication, and project management. WE ARE MASTER APPLICATORS OF A UNIQUE VARIETY OF SURFACES: Low VOC clay, Natural Pigments, Lime Surface, Stone Veneers, Cement, and Organic Mineral Applications. The right side of logo displaying the "flower of life" encompasses the feminine innovative flowing brain where experiences of fine art, decorative finishes, and repurposed furnishings are found. 

Meet The Team

Jose Bello

 Master Artist and General Contractor, Jose L. Bello, possesses talents spanning from designing structures to creating massive pieces of fine art to one of a kind specialty finishes to fabricating functional furnishings utilizing rescued materials. As a hybrid builder-artist with over two decades or hands on experience, Jose Bello has a knack for designing resourceful solutions to building and decor challenges.

Corinne Bello

Corinne Bello wears all of the administrative hats of the business along with curating the Studio and contributing to the  design / build team on current projects.  She is passionate about the influences of the planets and offers astrological counsel, Feng Shui, and Interior Space consults by private appointment only.  

Phillip Morris

Phillip is an Eagle Scout and graduate of Owen High School where he devoted much of his time towards growing his drafting abilities. He serves as the architectural draftsman with five years of hands on experience through various projects. Phillip has a natural ability of taking an idea from a client and bringing it to life through his drafting skills.

"Working with Jose Bello was the best part of our home renovation. Our living room (which was on the historic register as one of America's ugliest rooms!) is now the focal point of our home. When people visit the first thing they do is stare at the fireplace and then go over to touch it. Our friends from the building trades are the most intrigued and want to know all about it. We helped with the rest of the living room renovation, but the artistic talent of the fireplace work is all Jose."

Elaine & Will

Weaverville, NC

Czech Botanical School Guide
Egg of Life
Jośe L. Bello, Master Artist
Media wall unit
Metal and distressed iron flowers
Custom made king size bed
Art created for private theater
Art Deco Panel



”Our experience with Design Driven / Arte Bello was wonderful. Jose is an artist of unparalleled ability; his creativity is endless. He listens to his clients and delivers far more than expected. We found him and his crew to be honest at all times, something missing today with most contractors in the building trades. We highly recommend Design Driven / Arte Bello to anybody with distinguishing taste that desires to have a home finished in an upscale way that only your friends can dream about!”

Marcia & Duane
Osprey, FL



Tel: 828 - 357 - 5551

102 Black Mountain Avenue

Black Mountain, NC 28711